Landscape architecture

Asplan Viak has Norway’s largest professional environment within the field of landscape architecture, and in recent years has received several awards for high-quality landscape architecture. In recent years, Asplan Viak has received several awards for building projects of high architectural quality, and our solutions are regularly published in trade journals.

Landscape architecture concerns planning and design of the physical external environment. Our surroundings affect us and frame our day-to-day life and holidays, activities and rest - for all age groups whatever the season.

Asplan Viak represent a large interdisciplinary environment, and are ideally qualified to plan and project manage buildings that are adapted for future challenges. Increased population density, climate change and changes in the composition of the population will, in the years to come, influence planning and project-management. Establishment and further development of robust blue-green structures in towns and built-up areas is an important contribution to management of storm water; an increasingly greater challenge in urban areas with a high proportion of hard surfaces and undersized plumbing systems. As a professional group, our landscape architects have the expertise to visualise holistic and environmentally-friendly solutions, with qualitative design both at planning and project level.



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