Asplan Viak

Is one of Norway’s largest companies of consulting engineers and architects. For close to 60 years, the company has provided interdisciplinary advice and analysis to public and private organisations. We have approximately 850 staff spread across 31 office locations. The organisation is divided into two divisions: Planning and Architecture and Building and Infrastructure. Asplan Viak is owned by the Asplan Foundation (Stifelsen Asplan).

Our consultants represent a number of professional fields. We often work in interdisciplinary teams and aim to develop holistic, environmentally-friendly and functional solutions – in close dialogue with our clients.

Asplan Viak follows project throughout their entire course – from early-phase investigations and general planning via project design, completion, start-up and operation. The client’s needs, minimised environmental impact and end-user satisfaction are the foundation for our approach.


Asplan Viak’s foreign activities are supported by NORPLAN, a partnership established in 1971. NORPLAN is 50% owned by Asplan Viak and 50% owned by Multiconsult. NORPLAN combines expertise and resources from Norway’s leading planners, economists, architects, ecologists and engineers. Today, the organisation can boast extensive experience. Since the beginning, NORPLAN implemented over 500 international projects in more than 90 countries globally.

Mission statement

Vision: The premium arena for societal development

We will go forward, showing the way; we will dare to develop and use new methods and solutions that raise the quality of society, according to the principles of sustainable development. This requires that we focus resources on development of our staff and own R&D-project, and to develop a culture where high expertise, innovative thinking, assertion and courage and positive and valued.

Mission: Shape society – see the person

Shape society

Asplan Viak’s aim is that all staff, irrespective of profession, shall be aware that all our actions create an impression; in the community and society as a whole. Professionally, this means that in a positive way we will give advise and propose solutions that shape society in a good way.

See the person

The world around us is becoming increasingly more complex; national and international challenges are getting greater. This emphasises more than ever the importance of seeing people “where they are”; taking as starting point their real needs. Only then can we develop the best possible solutions. Seeing the person also forces us to focus within our own organisation; as an employer we have a responsibility for ensuring that individual staff are seen independent of their formal position in the company. A culture is built from within, and reflected externally.

Research and development

Annually, Asplan Viak are involved in R&D-projects with a total scope of NOK 60-70 million. This helps both to bring society forward, gives our clients new and exciting solutions and our staff an important increase in expertise.

Some of the R&D projects we ourselves initiate where we wish to develop our own solutions or new services. Others are projects where, using our own funds, we develop alternative solutions as a supplement to our clients. A third category is self-financing of public research programmes.

Societal responsibility

Sustainable development

Asplan Viak will contribute to sustainable development. This means that we will minimise the negative environmental consequences of our own organisation - both in terms of our own corporate activities, and in the assignments in which we are constantly engaged.

In our corporate statement and environmental policy, it states that we shall ensure good environmental quality in the projects in which we are involved. The management have prioritized significant environmental aspects of four important areas; Integrated design, choice of materials, land-use planning and water. Asplan Viak’s environmental management system is certified according to the Norwegian standard, NS-ISO-14001. We undertake an annual climate audit to ensure that the company’s environmental impact is minimised.

Staff and expertise

Asplan Viak has a healthy, informal and solid company structure, built up over many years. Enshrined in our mission statement is that we will see the person. This means that we have additional responsibility for those affected by our projects, be that positively or negatively. Seeing the person also means taking responsibility for disadvantaged people, in Norway and abroad. Consequently, Asplan Viak’s sponsorship is focused on these groups.

We are a financial supporter for many organisations, whereby we offer our staff’s professional expertise in selected projects. By contributing to local building projects in the refugee village of Noh Bo in Thailand on the Burma border, some of our staff have benefited from extremely rewarding professional and cultural experiences.

Ethics and anti-corruption

We will have a responsible corporate practice, with high requirements for ethics and integrity.This means that we have prepared our own ethical guidelines, with which all staff must be familiar. As an extension of this, an anti-corruption programme has also been established, based on absolute zero tolerance for corruption and seemingly corrupt actions.